“Jinx is played to its plaid hilt by Joe Ogren, one of the outstanding cast members of the Palm's recent hit Footloose."

"Physical comedy champ Ogren's eager-beaver, ginger-haired Max, is a star-turn so engaging it more than merits the recent Pace University grad’s final-curtain-call standing ovation.”

"Joe Ogren portrays Mark effortlessly. As perhaps the most conflicted character in the show, Ogren finds the joy in the tough moments and utter happiness in the rest."

- Charlie Schill, The Herald Journal

- Jay Wamsley, Desert News

“Stand-outs include Joe Ogren’s endearing, twangy country boy Willard.”

- Kim Cool, Venice Gondolier Sun

- Rebecca Rudnyk, YabYumWest.com

"As Dickon, Ogren's song, "Wick,” is fun and spirited."

- Charles Runnells, Ft. Myers News-Press

- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

- Jennifer Mustoe, Front Row Reviewers

- Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway Phoenix

"Max must speak and sing meekly through most of Act One, then suddenly reveal a more powerful operatic sound; Ogren does both equally well. He also pulls off the show's lone moment of introspection, a song called 'Knowing What I Know.'"

"Another star is Ogren, an absolute geyser of talent. He carries Max from humiliated nervous wreck into a bold maestro, and it’s evident in just the slightest evolution in physicality from the young actor.”

- Rebecca Rose, Santa Maria Sun

- Jay Horne, In a Director's Viewpoint

“Willard Hewitt (Joe Ogren), the youngest rube at school, adds more than just a few comedic twists; he's also a superb dancer... Ogren’s performance raises the bar yet again.”

- Herbert Paine, BroadwayWorld Phoenix

- Brent M. Parker, Lompoc Record

- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"Joe Ogren is marvelous as Martha’s brother Dickon... Ogren’s is a vibrant performance that recalls the fluid style of Dick Van Dyke’s early dancing roles, but with a Yorkshire accent rather than a Cockney one."

"Ogren is a meek, lovable Charlie Brown and the audience laughs with him and at him as he faces his fears and shares his stories.   He plays well off the others in the cast and is a master storyteller."

"Joe Ogren makes Stacee Jaxx an appropriately self-absorbed, charismatic rock god who oozes sex appeal and uses it to get his way, yet he also instills the part with a loneliness that makes you actually care for Jaxx.... Like the rest of the cast, Ogren is a gifted vocalist, delivering a soaring performance of ‘Dead or Alive’.”

"Joe Ogren (Stacee Jaxx), as a raunchy, sex-seeking rock ‘n’ roller plays his role to perfection."

- Charlie Schill, The Herald Journal

"Each number captures that essence of the type that makes boy

bands popular, but it’s Mark’s solo, Epiphany, that’s the most amusing."

“Ogren follows Lend Me A Tenor The Musical’s Max with an equally endearing but entirely new Crutchie.”

- Brent M. Parker, Lompoc Record

- Debbie Ditton, Front Row Reviewers

"In the title role, Joe Ogren skillfully succeeds in making Charlie
Brown’s doubts and insecurities endearing rather than annoying."

“As Crutchie, Ogren's performance is straight out of an old-time Hollywood movie.”

- David Appleford, Valley Screen & Stage


- Marsha Wagner, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

"Joe Ogren is terrific as the self-indulgent rock star, perfectly carrying off what looks to be the incarnation of David Lee Roth."

"The soft-spoken Ogren elicits audible moans of sympathy from patrons as he opens his less-than-perfect life up for examination."